Online Disability Awareness Training


Equo Ltd respects the privacy of individuals and organisations that visits this web site or submits a response to any of the online surveys/forms provided.

The following statement discloses the information dissemination and gathering practices for Equo Ltd.

Data Gathering of Non-Personally Identifiable Data

In general, you can visit any part of Equo Ltd without telling us who you are, or revealing personal details. We may track the domains from which people visit, as well as browser software used and the operating system utilised. This data is collected automatically and used to determine trends (such as ISP and geographic location) relating to each area of our website. When logging in to your training account you will need to use the e-mail address that forms part of the login process. We never use this e-mail address other than to send you information about you training. Analysing the collective data to Equo Ltd helps us to better tailor our content and services to your preferences and needs. We may also provide demographic statistical information of Equo Ltd audience to our advertisers, business partners, and potential advertisers/sponsors. By using our web site you are consenting to the collection and use of data that cannot be personally identified.

Use of Personally Identifiable Data

In certain circumstances we may ask you to provide personal information, voluntarily, eg when you join our mailing lists. We may use this identifiable information to contact you. However, we will not publish, trade, sell or pass on this identifiable information to anyone else without your permission. If you have submitted personally identifiable information to Equo Ltd and would like that information to be deleted from our records, please contact us.

Third Party Outside Links and Sub-Webs

Equo Ltd contains links to other Internet sites, and is host to web sites, and other services for other companies and organisations. Wherever possible we actively encourage all contributors, partners and third parties whose web sites, home pages, advertisements, or links are co-located on Equo Ltd site to implement policies and practices that respect the privacy of our visitors. However, we are not responsible for the actual privacy practices adopted by these third parties.

Web site security

Equo Ltd web site is essentially a training facility. Any training packages that you use on this website will track and store information about the questions you were asked, how you answered them and which questions were answered correctly / incorrectly. This forms the basis of your Individual Training Record which is available to your employer (if this training was provided by them for you). This provides proof for you and your employer of your training record including whether you completed the package and whether you passed or failed.

Two Equo Ltd directors also have access to these records as part of their ongoing process of ensuring that the training system continues to function properly and to provide a support facility for the organisations that have purchased the training.

Visitors using Equo Ltd site should understand that because the Internet is not a secure network, there is always a potential risk that transactions can be intercepted or viewed. You are therefore advised not to send credit card details, or confidential information from any of the forms on this web site unless hosted on a secure server (transactions delivered via a secure server use 128-bit encryption).

Every effort is made to ensure that downloadable files are free from defects or computer viruses. The safest files to download are plain text (.TXT). Where users choose to download files from Equo Ltd or one of the sub webs on Equo Ltd they are responsible for ensuring the necessary precautions are taken to check for viruses or corrupted files. Equo Ltd accepts no liability for any damages incurred to a user's computer system, software or data in connection with this site.